Frequently Asked Questions

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Orbit is a networking solution that allows users to interact with the community through posts, forums, events and many more. In addition, it is a one-stop networking solution for businesses.
This is a complete solution for any business looking for a networking platform for its community. It provides business owners and managers with all the critical features they need in one easy-to-use solution, including membership management, secure online payments, events management, blogs and news management etc.
There are many benefits to using Orbit, such as being easy to use, very nice and clean design, safe and secure and many more. The core benefit of using Orbit is managing multiple organizations on one platform. To see more benefits of using Orbit visit .
We offer a free 15-day trial for everyone, but you can view our pricing plans or request a demo to discuss how Orbit can benefit you.
Right now, the platform is available in the English language. However, we plan to convert it into every language within a short time.


Orbit provides various features, including powerful administration, outstanding networking experience, online payment system, news, blogs management, forum management and many more. Learn more about visit
If you are looking for a comprehensive system that manages your members, forums, events, reports, and more, look no further. Orbit can do it all.
Yes, we are happy to demonstrate Orbit at no charge to ensure it suits your requirements.
Yes, let us know the details of your specific requirements, and we will provide you with a quotation. We also encourage clients to make us aware of features they would like to see in the future software release.
Yes, our plans allow you to add additional users to your account who can be configured with different access rights.
Your security is our priority, and we do our utmost to protect all of your data by storing it in a secure environment. Your chosen payment gateway provider maintains credit card details for online payments. Premium accounts include advanced security scanning and firewall and being locked down with an SSL certificate.

Orbit Account

There is no cost to register your account. Registering an account will also provide easy tracking for your account and payment information.
It’s super simple! Go to register page and click register at the top right of the page. Then follow the onscreen instructions to proceed.
To create an account, we need some basic information to help you track the account in the future. Also, you can see our Privacy Policy for what information we collect and how we use those.
Orbit has security measures designed to help safeguard customers' sensitive data. For example, when you sign in to your account, you’ll be emailed or texted a one-time code to verify your identity. This helps ensure that only you have access to your financial information.
Begin the login process by clicking Login at the top right of the page. Then click the “forgot password?” link at the bottom of the login pop-up and follow the instructions to reset your password.
If your phone number or email address has changed, you can't get into your account. To have the best experience in Orbit, you should update your account with your name, email, phone number, and mailing address. This info will help us recover your account if you can’t sign in.
Make sure you use the same method to log in as you create your Orbit account. For example, if you used the Google or Facebook methods to open your account, you must use that method to log in.


Our prices start from £ 0
No, we work in two main stages with our clients. First, we ask for a 50% deposit for the planning and design and development process when completing the website, and before it launches, we request the other 50% balance of the agreed total.
There are two different types of costs involved: the planning, design and development of the website we create for our clients. The second cost is the hosting, maintenance, and security, which allows your website to go live and handle the visitors on your platform.

Getting started

There are no main criteria if you are looking to create a brand new networking system from scratch or Redesign and develop an existing one.
When you work with us, we will supply you with a questionnaire outlining the requirements to help us create your networking system.
Yes, all of our websites involve our team understanding the client's business and the types of courses they will offer. Then, we get to work on the website and tailor it to their requirements with the relevant details.


Yes, you will have full access and the right to all the codes.

Branding & Design

Yes, of course, you can. However, it is advised that you supply us with the raw files of the logo/design you choose to use as your branding, as it provides us with high-quality images of your brand.
Branding includes a logo tailored to suit your company and what you want to portray yourself. Then, you will be allocated a branding designer to work alongside.
After we have a complete understanding, we start by creating a wireframe to show you the website's structure, the sequence the clients will follow to enrol on the platform, and the sequence of pages involved in your networking system.


Everyone's requirements are different, so we use the relevant technologies to suit the type of program you decide to create.
Yes, we will supply you with login details to the system as it goes through the second stages of web development to look at its overall functions and give feedback on the progress
Your account handler will update you regularly on the design and development process and may ask you for your input during creating the website to ensure it all goes smoothly with no glitches.
Yes, you can. However, this involves additional costs. We advise you to inform us in the early stages of creation, preferably before or during the wireframing stage, to quote you correctly accordingly. Before the platform goes into development, there will be higher additional fees during the programming of the software.

Testing & Debugging

Your feedback is important to us throughout the design and development. Therefore, we will supply you with login details to our CRM (Client Relationship Management) to communicate with you and get your input.
Login to your CRM we supply you with, and your account manager will update you on the status of the process.


We offer various packages depending on the number of students you wish to create and the bandwidth of your program. To know more please click here .
We back up your platform when you host with us every 24 hours for security purposes.
We back up all your content daily. We also update your source files weekly.
You can view the different packages we offer for maintaining your website. Click here.
Yes. We build your networking platform, and you have the option to host it with a third party. After you thoroughly test the system and are happy with the product. Please note: When the files are handed to you, we will not be responsible for the outcome with your third party hosting provider.
We maintain the website whilst you host with us to ensure no glitches, and it runs smoothly. If you wish to make minor changes to the layout, we can assist you for up to 2 hours a month.
Our maintenance fees include hosting and the maintenance of your website.
Yes. Of course, you can. However, advised that you inform us about the plans you wish to make during the planning process. This ensures that we choose the right platform to build your website and avoid higher fees during the redesign and development process.

Cancellations and refunds

After you consult with the tech team, the creation process takes place. You can cancel the project; however, you will be charged £115+ VAT per hour for the consultation and planning, design, and development carried out by our team.
You can cancel the maintenance at the end of the 12 months of hosting you signed up for or before your new year of hosting starts.
All contracts are automatically renewed. To cancel the renewal, simply log in to your account and, under settings, select my account, where you can cancel the hosting and maintenance.

Training & Support

When we complete your project, our tech team will assist you in making sure you start on the right foot when using your platform.
Drop our tech team an email with your request, and one of our team members will get back to you.
We are available on hand from 09:00 to 18:00 UK time for all our customers
You can contact us directly by clicking here.
Advise support is free to our new customers and accessible to customers on any maintenance packages.