About Us

Who Are We

Welcome to Orbit, a powerful online networking solution that allows users to interact with the community through posts, forums and events. We have developed a powerful solution that helps our clients brand, customise, and engage their communities. Leveraging modern design standards and an advanced suite of functionality, organisations can offer their stakeholders a dedicated networking space where they can share knowledge and experiences and benefit from targeted opportunities.

Our Mission

At Orbit, our mission is to help you engage and delight your community members through the powerful technologies of the internet. We make it as easy as possible to manage, engage and grow the community in one place.

Our mission
Our vision

Our Vision

Every organisation has a community of supporters and friends willing to help if only they could be engaged. At Orbit, our vision is to help you manage and grow your community with robust software solutions.

What We Do

Orbit specialises in delivering complete networking software solutions for business owners to increase interaction between your brand and customers. We serve as; web, mobile, and mobile applications, so our customers get everything under one roof. We expertly navigate our clients through their digital journey with over two decades of experience in design, development, and managing global enterprises' software and workings. As a result, our networking software solutions deliver unprecedented performance and customer delight.

What We Have

The platform build with the latest technologies, and some of the most excellent features have been integrated, such as; organisations manager, events managers, forums managers, news and blogs manager, jobs manager and membership manager and many more. This is a complete solution for any business looking for a networking platform for its community. We understand what people like and dislike when it comes to networking platforms and create a user-friendly design to keep them on for longer.

Inside Orbit

The Orbit was founded in London by entrepreneurial people who saw that the market for networking and community would migrate from physical to online with the internet coming. Orbit is exclusively designed to satisfy the needs of business owners who want to start a networking platform from around the globe seriously. Our team has a diverse background in technology. We built the software and maintained the infrastructure to launch the robust networking platform faster and cheaper than building anything yourself without any technical headache. So stop wasting your time and take your community to the next level with the help of Orbit.

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